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International Tax

More and more markets outside of Israel are becoming available to Israeli enterprises and individuals, the looking to grow their commercial operations. Expansion of activities beyond Israel necessitates international-Israeli tax planning that decreases the company or individual's exposure to double taxation (in Israel and - other countries) while also reducing the tax burden on the individual or company through legal measures. If you are a first-time entrepreneur, have an existing business, or you are an individual looking to invest in properties outside of Israel, you will have a significant advantage if you understand how to take advantage of tax treaties, free trade agreements, investment incentives, and protection in Israel.  The expertise and skill of our firm allows us to create a custom-designed global-Israeli tax plan for the client, considering all his obligations and privileges.

Our Services

  • Providing the customer with a number of taxes alternatives. As a result, he is able to choose the best course of action for himself.
  • pre-rulings
  • Escort, represent, and negotiate on behalf of our customers before the Israeli tax authority
  • Legal representation in court

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Avoidance of double taxation

To avoid double taxation, agreements have been negotiated between Israel and many nations that regulate the tax obligations of persons whose income can become entangled in the tax nets of more than one country (usually the agreements are based on the model convention of the United Nations or the OECD).

Furthermore, procedures for preventing double taxation have been enshrined in domestic law that is not contingent in? the presence of international accords. The Income Tax Ordinance establishes the regulations applicable under Israeli law for the prevention of double taxation in the third chapter of Part X. Section 200 (a) of the Ordinance, which deals with giving a credit owing to foreign tax paid overseas, contains the principal provision designed to avoid double taxation payouts pertinent to this procedure. Dividend, as well as Section 4A of the Ordinance, deals with the location of the income Produced or generation.

Tax benefits to new Israeli residents and veteran returning residents

An individual who became an Israeli tax resident after 2007, whether for the first time or after spending a significant period (at least ten tax consecutive years) outside of Israel as a foreign tax resident, may be entitled to a variety of tax and reporting benefits for the ten-year period beginning from the date the individual became an Israeli tax resident for the first time.