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Criminal Taxation

The Israeli tax laws have a dual purpose: on the one hand, they establish regulations for taxing a certain activity (civil procedure) and on the other, they set out various offenses and provide the authorities with punitive tools to deal with those who violate the law (criminal procedure). Civil and criminal procedures often clash, yet they remain completely distinct. In response to the state's decision to combat black capital in Israel (which is partly derived from the commission of tax offenses such as tax evasion), tax offenses in Israel have been reclassified, and now some of these offenses are considered source offenses in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

In recent years, the Israeli government has been utilizing tax offenses as a tool to combat black capital. This new concept necessitates a specialized expertise that encompasses both criminal procedures and the tax laws and other regulations in Israel. This is due to the fact that many cases involve a variety of laws, procedures, and guidelines issued by different authorities, such as the Tax Authority, the Money Laundering Authority, the Attorney General's Office, the State Attorney, and the Bank of Israel.

Many times, the difference between success and failure in obtaining the best outcome for the client lies in the representative's control of the relevant laws. This is the prominent advantage of our firm. Attorney Kariv has extensive practical experience as both a defense attorney representing taxpayers in civil proceedings and defendants in criminal proceedings, as well as a prosecutor on behalf of the Tax Authority. His experience on both sides of the fence gives him a comprehensive understanding of the operations of the various authorities in Israel, allowing him to provide the client with the best possible result.

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