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Global Taxation

In some ways Israel is a tax-friendly country, but it is not the only country in which an enterprise or individual may be subject to taxation. In order to reduce an enterprise's or individual's exposure to double taxation, it is important to have a comprehensive international-Israeli tax planning strategy. This strategy should include identifying and exploiting any tax breaks available to the company or individual, as well as utilizing legal measures to reduce the tax burden.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, have an existing business, or you are an individual looking to invest in properties outside of Israel, you will have a significant advantage if you understand how to take advantage of tax treaties, free trade agreements and investment incentives in Israel and abroad. Our firm can create a custom-designed global-Israeli tax plan for the client, considering all his obligations and privileges.

Additional Information

"Exit tax" - a person who ceases to be a resident of Israel

"Israeli resident"

Avoidance of double taxation

Credit for foreign tax paid

Tax benefits to new Israeli residents and veteran returning residents